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(Translated by Google) Is there an iftar package or not? (Original) Ada paket buka puasa gak..?

(Translated by Google) It seems available (Original) Sepertinya tersedia

(Translated by Google) There is a giant prawns (Original) Ada udang galah ga

(Translated by Google) There is (Original) Ada

(Translated by Google) What is the most typical cuisine? (Original) Masakan paling khas apa?

(Translated by Google) Fried chicken pak pack steady 😊 (Original) Ayam gorengnya pak mantap 😊

(Translated by Google) Food sold halal for muslims or not? (Original) Makanan yang dijual halal untuk muslim atau tidak?

(Translated by Google) God willing is halal. (Original) Insyaa Allah halal.

(Translated by Google) Assalamualaikum... Are you still receiving employees (Original) Assalamualaikum... Apa kah bapak atau ibu masih menerima karyawan

(Translated by Google) not (Original) tidak

(Translated by Google) Does Pak Abas's restaurant use Pest Control services? (Original) Apakah rumah makan pak abas sudah menggunakan jasa Pest Control?

(Translated by Google) Sorry, I don't know for sure (Original) Maaf saya gak tahu pasti

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